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Download McQueen Cars Toy Crushed By Hulk w/ Spiderman Baby Song Nursery Rhymes for Children Funny Kids Video Video

McQueen Cars Toy Crushed By Hulk w/ Spiderman Baby Song Nursery Rhymes for Children Funny Kids Video

McQueen Cars Toy Crushed By Hulk w/ Spiderman Baby Song Nursery Rhymes for Children Funny Kids Video

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Durasi : 10:38
Suka : 4906 Orang
Benci : 2479 Orang
Dilihat : 2373148 Orang
Oleh : Brinoco
Diupload : 2017-10-12 12:13:56
Spiderman is pretend play in this new funny video with his brand new cars toys aka fabulous lightning mcqueen from Cars 3 movie, Hulk in his way can't stop and didn't saw mcqueen and he unfortunately crushed it under his power wheel tractor for kids! No worries, The Incredible Hulk will take care of it and repair it a fully functional Lightning McQueen Cars Toy! (Includes learn colors with toys and kids songs) Enjoy the rest of the kids friendly and family fun video! Thanks for watching our entertainment videos and educational videos for children and babies! If you like our kids friendly videos, please like and subscribe and let us know in the comments section. Music: Music by Kevin MacLeod and Nursery Rhymes for Children
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